Council of Vapour ( TPD )

Council of Vapour ( TPD )

It's good news for everyone! The sun is shining, the weekend is coming and council of vapour TPD compliant stock has landed!! 

I have to say this has made us all very happy at Van Dyke Vapes, But why may you ask?

Well Council of vapour products to us seems be so well engineered, I have had a vengeance for 2 years and it has been fantastic with no seals going, no scratches, fantastic flavour and as a bonus not a single leak in site! Every time they release a product we get excited. 

The products that we stock from them at this moment in time is

  • RST tank 
  • Vengeance tank 
  • Royal Hunter X 
  • Callisto Kit 
  • Tempest Mod 200w
  • Mega Volt 

Feel free to have a look at there products

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  • Andrew Balcon

    I’ve just looked at the Callisto and I can’t believe how affordable it is and for the finish I will be buying one for sure from you guys! Do you recommend the RST? Or should I go for another tank?

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