Flavour Ban in the USA!

Flavour Ban in the USA!

Hello vaping community

Today is a sad day for our brothers/sisters over the pond, In San Francisco in America.

Recently the politicians of the state have decided to BAN flavored liquids apart from tobacco! With additional significant increases in taxes and the price of e-cigarette products.

This does come down to a vote even though the first one has happened a second vote will be required to confirm the bill next week; it is expected to pass. If it does, the law will be enacted next April.

This is the first state in America to make such a drastic change to E-cigs, I would say this is considerable worst then the UK TPD laws due to the fact you now have NO choice of flavors other than tobacco.

But what was the Politicians reason to why this should happen?

Well, here's a statement for you to read and it's a pretty rubbish & vulgar excuse.

"We're focusing on flavored products because they are widely considered to be a starter product for future smokers," said Supervisor Malia Cohen, the bill's sponsor.

San Francisco is the first city in the nation to pass an out-and-out ban, although other cities have reduced access to the liquid. Sale of tobacco-flavored vaping liquid will still be allowed.

Cohen, who represents a historically black neighborhood in San Francisco, claimed that tobacco companies selectively targeted young, black, and gay Americans, and the bill is about saying "enough is enough."

"For too many years, the tobacco industry has selectively targeted our young adults with products that are deceptively associated with fruits and mint and candy," Cohen said. "Menthol cools the throat so you don't feel the smoke and the irritants and it masks the flavors. This legislation is about saying enough is enough."

Pretty mad to think that a good enough reason to be fair, When vaping been proven better for you short & long term!

There no other way of saying this other than it upsetting to see this happen, But will it happen in other state's & countries and the answer is most likely.

Only time will tell.

Sorry to hear of your lost San Francisco stay strong! As online sales have not been affected so hopefully those who vape over there can and still will continue vaping the flavors they love.

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  • David Crofter

    I live and work in New York and already this idea has been approached by our senator, Strangely enough they are trying to make it so the tobacco companies are the only ones who are allowed to supply flavor e-liquids as they have more experience and i quote " The smoking industry" so it seems to me vaping isn’t separate to them and is classed and recognised fully as being a smoker.

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