The TPD has landed

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The TPD has landed

Hello everyone, I'm James from Van Dyke Vapes!

As many of you already know the new TPD laws came into force at midnight 19th May 2017! But what does that mean if you don't know what the law is enforcing, Well I'm here to explain the TPD in a little bit more detail for you as the consumer and us, as a vendor.

The TPD means Tobacco Product Directive, and I know what you are thinking "Eh?! Vaping isn't tobacco?". Well to us and many others we agree, but it is a law, and we had to comply.

What's included in these new rules?
Well for Vendors and Customers it means the following:

  • All E-liquid containing nicotine must not exceed 10ml in bottle size
  • All E-liquid has to be tested by the MHRA and allocated a valid EC-ID number
  • All hardware must be notified and tested before being put up for sale, also being given a valid EC-ID number
  • The general public who made their own e-liquid at home will no longer be able to buy 72mg pure nicotine and are restricted to 20mg max strength
  • All tanks must be able to hold and not exceed 2ml of liquid, and also be tested with a valid EC-ID number


Plus a few others but those concerns vendors more than the consumers.

As you can see the laws don't sound great, but it is what it is!

There is still a load of excellent gear and liquids out there and many companies including ourselves stock 3x10ml packs at the same great price as pre-TPD.

As it stands vaping is now regulated, which means your liquids will have to pass various test to ensure it is safe for you! Which is brilliant in a way, knowing it is clean and does not contain anything harmful that we are aware of.

If you do have any question feel free to comment and I'll reply to them as soon as possible.

James & The Team

Van Dyke Vapes

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  • David pasco

    The tpd is a horrible thing but at the same time shows the vape community is willing to adapt, I know a lot of people was dreading just 10mls but that’s not the case! Many vendors I know is doing the 3×10mls which I find much more handy as I leave one at home, in the car and at the office! Also I like the fact I know it has been tester!

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