Support the vendors of you own land.

Support the vendors of you own land.

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Today article it what it says in the title, Support the vendors of your own land, Do you buy British juice? American? Malaysia? China? etc.

Well, The advantages of buying aboard have negatives also well as points, The first one would appear to be a choice? You can try things from around the world! exciting but it normally comes at a cost due to import costs, If you buy UK it will 9x out of 10 be cheaper due to not needing to add import, shipping etc.

Am not saying don't buy import juice of course, I've even brought it but the mass market of vaping in the UK seems to be tied down to the clever marketing of oversea vendors, When you buy from the UK you aren't only getting a cheaper product but also helping another fellow citizen to live their lives which we all have to do.

The other thing is UK has strict laws on health & safety plus hygiene, while some countries have little to NON, Again not saying this is the case with all oversea as some countries have the same strict laws some don't we all picked up that dodgy looking bottle and thought 'No Thanks' and carried on to find something better.

End of the day it a choice of your own but helps the community at home when you buy from a UK vendors which strengthen us all, We all did this for one thing and that was to switch from dirty cigarettes and none of us want to inhale something that was bad for our health either, Maybe what am getting at it just be sure you know what you are using is clean, not dirty and ensure they are a trusted established company.

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