The Switch from smoking to vaping.

The Switch from smoking to vaping.

When you decide to give up cigarettes there is many alternatives such as the following

All these different methods work for people but the most popular in the last 5 years and still growing is Vaping!

Why has vaping exploded in such a big way? Well these no surprise if you think cigarette you get smoke, When you vape you get vapor that looks like smoke which makes you think it the same, Along with the vast amount of shiny equipment you can buy and nicotine strengths it easier to find a hit you are looking for.

The other things that made vaping explode are the FLAVOURS! but why? Well you can get anything your taste bud desires other than just bring leafs, with it being also 95% less harmful but still pleasing your nicotine needs it easy to see why people are choosing to SWITCH.

It certainly seems like the miracle people needed to help them stop smoking as more people have managed to switch to vaping then any method before, If you are new to vaping you are in luck, There are forums, groups on social media, high street shops, Even online shop messenger were you can speak to someone to help you get started and find what will work best for you as the consumer.

There are odd things that can put people of vaping at first, When you switch from cigarettes to vaping a lot of people do tend to cough first because it different others may get a flavour or strength they don't like, We have all been there and its all a matter of trial and error to get it right!

There loads more to add but feel free to post your views in the comments below!

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