Samsung 18650 25R

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Van Dyke Vapes takes battery safety extremely serious! 

No risks are taken! 


The Samsung 25r specs are: 

  • Flat Top.

  • Nominal capacity: 2500 mah.

  • Max Continuous Rated Discharge: 25 amps (at 25 degrees C)

  • Nominal voltage: 3.6v.

  • After a fresh charge: 4.2v.

  • Cycle info: Capacity drops to 60% after 250 full charge/discharge Cycles.

  • Don't discharge below: 2.5v.

  • Standard Charge: CC/CV @ 1 amp / 4.20 volts +/- .05v, 100 mA cut-off.


If you require a charger we stock fantastic soda chargers by Efest! They can charge at 1amp and are highly recommended even if you do have a fly by charging device. 


Van Dyke Vapes do not hold any responsibility for misuse of 18650 battery, when you purchase our 18650's you take full responsibility for knowing how to use the product safely and understand any signs of damage that may be cause by misuse of 18650 battery. 

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