El Diablo

I've always loved cooking and especially baking cakes. My dad is an incredible chef and he gave me a real love for experimenting with food. He taught me from a young age about, not only using the best ingredients, but the importance of putting a little bit of love into each meal.

For me personally, I wanted to create juices that gave vapours the same kind of sensory enjoyment as one may get from eating a freshly baked, buttercream laden cupcake. The mmmmm factor. Taste is obviously important here but so is the texture or "mouth feel" when you get when vaping.


We create handmade, premium e-liquid, using high quality, vape safe ingredients from only the best UK and US suppliers.  

Our standard range is 50/50  and is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg

Our new HighVG option is now also available in 3mg only.

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