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Cirrus Fallstreak

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Ok, so this is Cirrus, a lemon drizzle cake milkshake that is simply stunning. Inspired by local dessert restaurants that blend almost avery conceivable cake or confectionary into a milkshake they wanted to create what was an absolutely incredible concoction in the form of a sweet and tang lemon drizzle cake blitzed into their light but creamy milkshake base.

The lemon drizzle cake came first, they wanted to mix a few different lemon flavours for a sweet lemon with just the right amount of sour to mimic a lemon syrup and give your tastebuds a real treat to boot. The cake is a light white cake with a hint of vanilla that works exceptionally well with the blend of creams and milk flavours they used to created the milkshake base. It is created to not be overly creamy to avoid becoming tiresome or sickly but you get the right dairy notes in the right balance to enhance the cake and fruit topping.

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