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One of the Colonel Boom's guys absolute best sellers, Coup D'Etat takes exotic flavours to bring sweet, sharp, tangy and creamy smooth fruits which tantalise the tastebuds

The Flavour

Coup D'Etat is a special flavour, since they created their version of a Thai fruit salad its constantly fly off the shelves and the feedback has been amazing. They started it all with dragonfruit, a strange yet totally tropical taste on it's own and to that they added some pomelo which is essentially a Thai grapefruit and then blended in papaya and other citrus fruits to blast your taste buds.

Pomelo is a similar grapefruit to the ones they get in the UK but less acidic with more hints of orange and lemon and then to add depth and smoothness the strangely creamy papaya finished off the main fruit blend. For balance and complexity there are hints of pear and lime and a touch of sweetness to bring out the best in the fruit.

Coup has remained one of their best sellers since launch with an absolutely unique blend of flavours that seems to tease every part of your palate without ever getting boring.

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