TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils

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The TFV8 cloud beast! is known on the market for insane clouds and flavour but with 4 different coils this can be confusing, so am here to help! 

So we have the following coils for your beast. 

V8-Q4 which is 0.15ohm and has a max power of 180w, They say it is best between 90w to 150w for cloud and flavour, this coil is airy and full of flavour which is perfect if you don't like a warm vape. 

V8-T6 which is 0.2 ohm and has a max power of 240w, sounds good for you cloud chasers, but the recommended best wattage for these are 110w to 150w, this will give of perfect flavour but a dense vape while having bit more restriction compared to the V8-Q4 coil with a warmer vape.


V8-T8 which is a 0.15ohm coil with a max power of 260w! this was the main coil engine at the start and is one the top end ones for cloud, the coil best peaks at around 120w to 180w! the airflow is better then the V8-t6 and has a hot vape depending on what watts you are on. 


V8-T10 (New) - 0.12ohms the lowest ohm coil smok has ever made, this coil has a max power of 300W! yes 300W! so if you have huge powered mod you know this coil is perfect for you! The peak power for the best flavour and cloud production is 130w to 190w but you can push it! this coil is a cloud chaser dream in a tank! 

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