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These Seven new flavours are simple, yet effective. 

As part of our heritage, we decided to use our original label from 2014 when we first launched. 

60%VG 40%PG 

Creamy Coco - Sweet Coconut flakes sprinkled over cream.

Divine Grape - This complex mix of grape wins hands down. Others don't compete with our clean, fresh and sweet all day vape.

Ye Olde Cola - Nostalgic? This is an instant classic! A take on the Cola Bottle. #bestseller

Fruit Elixir - Orange, Mango and Lychee enriched in a sweet Champagne and finished off with Coconut Notes.

Custard Noisette - A Dark Custard base, infused with a medley of nuts.

Gin O'Clock - Calling all Gin lovers!!  Infused with Cactus Fruit and Jack Fruit.

Narna's Custard - Sweet tooth? Banana, toffee and custard.

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